I love my podcasts…  people occasionally ask for recommendations, so here are my top five (currently)

99% Invisible – a very pleasant study on design topics.  Roman Mars enthuses me about whatever he’s talking about.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review.  Easily the best film review radio show, and probably best podcast of all time.  Like two married men bickering about pretty much anything.  Deeply entertaining.

In Our Time – BBC Radio 4‘s podcast hosted by Melvin Bragg and three experts on pretty much anything.  Phyisics, Hisotry, Literature – the one on Fairies got a few people of a certain age quite excitable.

You Are Not So Smart.  Social psychology based on the idea that we are prtty much clueless.  And biscuits.  Love the biscuits.

Criminal – A US podcast about criminals, talking to them about their crimes, or a type of crime in general.  Compelling.

There are tonnes more: BBC Friday Night Comedy (especially the News Quiz), NPR’s Wait wait, Don’t tell me, ABC’s Science Vs.

You can search for these in iTunes, or use any podcast program you like (Pocketcast on Android is my favourite)

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