short sheeted.

Foundations.  Today, I want to start the process of finding out about foundations.  The thing I need to know is an educated guess, an estimate, of how much foundations will cost for an 80m2 building, on my section.

The problem is I have no cash.  Everything is tied up in the section, and my mortgage is based on plans that are no longer happening, and not transferable to the new project, so I have to start from scratch.

To get estimates for the foundations, I need plans.  Which means I need an architect and an engineer to draw them for me.  I have a pretty firm estimate on building the structure using a kitset house, but I can’t find out if the project is even feasible until I pay for plans to get drawn up, using money I don’t have.  I’m already thousands out of pocket for the previous project  – I used all my savings to cover a valuation, design fees, a geotechnical report and other things.

I’m so angry right now, that CJS let me down this badly I can hardly speak.

I know this will all work out, but I feel like I’ve climbed into a short sheeted bed – it all looks like it should be fine, but its shockingly deeply uncomfortable.

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