Endeavour Place II – In which CJS Construction Solutions goes under.

I was going to write regularly about our property at Endeavour place.  Its October 2014 now, and we should be about to move in, according to CJS Construction.  Unfortunately for them, and us, they look likely to go into receivership.  Though the principal director, is Callum Scurr, I was mostly dealing with his dad, Steve Scurr.   I don’t know why the company is going under, but it looks as though his main franchisor isn’t being paid.  I’m not going to mention their name here, as they as just as embarrassed about having a franchisee have financial trouble as I am, having forked over 20K to them in deposits.  We are insured for that – but that’s just going to take time.

Time.  That’s what I’ve got now.  THere are going to be a thousand loose ends to tidy up with the first attempt at building, but I’m feeling a lot more confident about the process now, and this time rather than having a ‘turnkey’ solution, I reckon we should build the project peice by peice.

I’ve had a lot of great advice from a lot of really experienced people – and I think the goal of building something for $200,000 is doable, especially as we want something small and modest.   The biggest hassle is the foundations – the section is quite steep, and everyone around here is TERRIFIED about foundations.  My quick look at the geotechnical report I have, and reading th building code says that we should be fine.  More on that later.

Anyway, I’m going to start blogging more about the project now that the unpleasant experience with Messrs Scurr is behind us.

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