Endeavour Place.

I’m starting a new series of posts about my new big project: 6 Endeavour Place.  I’ve bought this patch of land.

20140307_122722_Hawkhurst Rd
Lyttleton and the harbour.

Its 800 sloping m2 of grass and broom.  Here’s the view.  Not bad, huh.  That’s the whole reason for buying it.  Its been a tricky process, I’ve found kiwibank, my normal bank really not very communicative on the process for sorting out funds, or helping me through the proess.  In fact, its been a lot more stressful than it needs to be.  That’s a lesson I’m taking as I come to get a house built on the section, of which there will be much more on in the future.

A lot of people in Christchurch are FREAKED OUT by building on a slope.  They are also confused by land that hasn’t been affected by the earthquake.  Admittedly the section next door has been red-zoned, but that’s OK, because that’s for rocks falling from the cliffs above, not the land turning into a liquid pool of mud, the normal issue in Christchurch.  Rock fall risk is an interesting topic, but if you’re out of the red zone, the chances of it being a problem, even in a big shake, are very very small indeed.

playing house
playing house

I have started getting plans made for a two bedroom cottage.  I’d love it if Lockwood could build it, but my resources are limited as I’m paying for the whole project on my own.  Lockwood are an old NZ modular/kitset building company, and something by them would have resale potential as well as being solid. I have been promised that we’ll have a contract by the end of the week, we can look at and work out if I can afford it.

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