I finish my library school studies in June/July next year, but the way the course is structured means I can start looking for full time work early next year.  I was encouraged to think about this as an opportunity came up at the local university, and though it didn’t work out, it raised a lot of feelings and thoughts about work in general.

Library School, though at times engaging, hasn’t provided much of a community to be part of.  Mostly, I suspect, this is because I am working at distance, but the online tools and strategies provided in the course mean I have made more friends and contacts during an eight week course held out of the US than I have through the NZ one over an entire year.

I think what I am missing is the sense of belonging that work provides: the team, the culture…  I have a lot to do with the people in the local university library, but its different talking to them about work when youhave no legitimacy or effectiveness, as an outsider.


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