After being invited to be on a panel for nethui south  – talking about digital inclusion – I’ve been asked to moderate another one for ACAB‘s conference in Dunedin, with Colin Peacock and Ian Telfer.  Rarified company indeed!

Its really very satisfying being asked to do these things, and very flattering too.  I have to be careful about not letting it go to my head though.  I also nee to remember to do some work before the gigs as well: I’ve winged these things far too often, and though I get invited back, I’d like to take the opportunity a bit more seriously as well.

With the Nethui panel I’d like to concentrate on access to government funded research by people not lucky enough to be aligned with a tertiary institution.  I’ll have to get some stats together on how many people have access to the places CRIs (or whatever they are) publish.

For the ACAB thing, a quick bio on each and a few pre-prepared questions should do it I suppose.

I am looking forward to it though, being in front of a group.  I suppose what I want to do is make sure the people there don’t just get the Anton show, but I take the opportunity to raise important points.



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