New Bio.

After a few days panicking about being a good-for-nothing layabout student who nobody will ever be interesting in hiring, (commonly known as “nonspecific postgraduate syndrome”), I had a couple of great, morale boosting things occur.  One was to attend the NZ discussion group for the Atlas of the New Librarianship, and realise I am actually ‘ardent’ about what I am doing, and in the right place, and secondly I was asked to be on a panel for an upcoming nethui as an interesting and provocative bloke.

For the latter, a new bio was required: I provide it below. I actually sound quite interesting.  I’d hire me…


After years of hanging out on, Anton Angelo started working with Internet technologies in the mid 90’s with Demon Internet in the UK, working in operations, business development and research. After stints at and as a macromedia instructor he returned in New Zealand in 2004 to work at Otago University where he picked up PRINCE2 accreditation and a healthy respect for University bureaucracy. He is currently studying a Masters in Information Studies at Victoria, with an eye on joining the staff of an academic library. He is ardent about democratising access to information, and the role of librarians in creating knowledge.

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