Lamp, post one: the clock.

I’ve wanted to do a microelectronics project using Arduino for a while.  Arduino is a fun wee bit of open source hardware – a  chip and development environment that lets you  do things in the real world.  Mostly people use it to make LEDS go on and off, which is fun.  Or build robots, with is hard.

I want a clock that wakes me up in the morning, and then tells me what the weather is going to do, that is entirely soundless, and uses no text.

The first challenge is to program a clock.  I’ve got a wee real time clock module (DS1307) and grabbed some code from the web ( and hooked it up to my arduino, and hey presto, I can set the time, and it keeps with with the help of a wee quartz crystal on the chip.  Huzzah!  This was more interesting than it looks becasue I did my first through-hole soldering putting header pins on the chip so I could mount it on the breadboard.

A bit of a struggle to get it talking to the arduino was solved when I wired it to the ANALOG inputs, rather than the digital ones.  Doh.  I did get to practice my multimeter continity testing skills though, always good.

Next will be getting the output of the clock to change an LED.



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