I’ve had a task I’ve been ignoring over the last six weeks.  A friend who has worked hard over the last few decades supporting his wife’s academic career has asked me to look at options for publishing her book online.  Its a well regarded reference text in her field, and would really benefit from being more widely available – its the kind of thing that sits near the keyboard of all those in the discipline, and has a very respectable number of citations in google scholar.

Ignoring the technical issues at the moment (Latex!), the first thing is to work out whether this is a commercial or an open project, or a hybrid of both.  My natural tendency is to go for open, but with reserved rights, so I’ve written to to see what the options are there.  Their operations are currently suspended, but I’m hoping (as are they) that they will be able to continue.

It would be interesting to see if a proprietary publisher would be interested, and how much they were willing to offer.

News as the project continues…

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