Chasing el-lump!

Last week I suffered a second gastroscopic ultrasound.  A big tube, down my throat for an hour, poking around past my stomach.  Last time this happened they found El Lump.  This time, it had escaped.  The swollen lymph node was not to be found.

Today I went to the hospital to talk to my doctor, and as heartened as we are that the lump didn’t seem to appear, he suggested another CAT scan, blood tests, and maybe some more radiographic work.  Things to be ruled out are diseases of the stomach (and other things) that might have caused the lymph node to swell.

I got a guided tour of my gut via the recordings the last CAT scan made, which was nothing short of miraculous, and a good sense that the system here is looking after me.  There seems to be an issue with results being sent to everybody, so I am now staying in the loop with copies so I can give them to people myself, and glue the communications together.  I think this is an endemic problem in the NZ health system…

I should know tomorrow when the next scan is going to be.  In the meantime: business as usual.

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