Librarybox: What if we give it away?


Librarybox is a stupidly simple great idea.  Take a wireless router, plug a usb key in it for storage and pop it up.  Anyone wandering past can grab the files off the key wirelessly.  It has no other network connection, so it poses no security risks.

Now, pop that in a library, and put content on it.  Free reads for phones that come past.  Newsletters.  Images.  Here is the cute bit: don’t tell anyone.  Let people find it themselves, and tell each other.  It shouldn’t cost more than $100 to set up and a trickle of electricity and it deserves to be a bit under the radar.  You could even have clues on it for a competition – get one each week and … win a chocolate fish….

Do some stats.  See what people grab off it.  Bus timetables? Poetry? Pictures of cats?

All of a sudden the wireless becomes local – not part of the internet.  People might even pop in to grab the new content, and who knows what else they may stumble over when they are in?  I almost want to set one up and put it in my local library under their noses.  See who notices.

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