Shoulders, pain and love.

Three things that have filled the last couple of weeks.  That and love.

ouchI broke my collarbone right next to the shouldder about a year ago falling off my bike.  It was pretty nasty, and the operation I had at the time never really resolved it.  A week ago I had another surgery, and they took a bit of tendon from my knee, a bit of bone from my hip, and stitched in all together in my shoulder.  It hurts. I’m off the oxynorm, but a week later I’m still taking codine and paracetemol, and I’ll be in a sling over another a month.  General anaesthetic is a bitch, and it takes me a good 5 days or so to get my head back in order.  Whoever did the anaesthesia was pretty good though: I woke up.  That’s pretty out there, as normally one comes to with a pretty vomity feeling, but I felt like I’d woken up, and not particularly drug-f*cked, either.  Floaty.  Nice.  Huge kudos to the Dunedin Hospital team all round.

Maria was (and is being) a star.  She has been so helpful, and pretty fierce about be making sure I look after myself.  Of course, as soon as I woke up there were tech support queries  – and I screwed some things up in a befuddled state, which I will write about soon, when I get my sense of humour back about it.  Damn rm -rf *



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