Assignment season…

Well, just got through the first batch of assignments for Library School, and I have to admit they were fun.  I really enjoy getting into a topic, and even though I only had a couple of thousand words for each one, I was still able (I hope) get some nice work done.

I’m going to try hard to ognore the marks I get: the two essays are both passable, and that’s all I’m looking for.  Solid Bs would be nice.  If I wanted As I would have approached them quite differently (and not had opinions 🙂

The first was an essay on the relavance of public libraries.  I gave two arguments to why they wil remain important:

  1. Someone needs to collect all that money from the publishers, and
  2. Librarians are essential in the academic conversation (a la “New Librarianship“)

The second essay was an evaluation of the information retreival capacities of  I was able to slip in a quick reference to gay monopoly, but not Busen Memo.  Probably ust as well.


Essay on Board Game Geek: 527_12_1_300262255


Essay on the relevance of libraries: 520_12_14_300262255

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