Essays and Bibliographies and Evaluations, oh my!

I’m taking a break from a series of library school assignments.  I really enjoy the process of gathering, thinking and writing about things, and I’m hoping that the tutors at Victoria have a reasonable sense of humour, because I can’t help but pop in a few gags or choice lines here or there.

People have warned me that the process of getting the MIS is just a trail by fire, well, trial by ennui and tedium, but as usual, life’s what you make it.  By selecting good topics and approaching them in a way that I enjoy I think I can work around it a bit.  I also think having the technical understanding I do that the bits that would have been hard I’ve already had a lot of exposure to.  I mean, a 30 minute introduction to RDBMS’, entity relationship diagrams and whe Wonderful World of Bibliographic Acronyms (RDF, XML, SGML, MARC, OWL and don’t get me started on FRBR!) last night was a bit much…   That’s a whole degree in itself.

Anyway, writing a short report on gathering resources on images of women in Dunedin (yes, rollerderby got in there) and comparing gathering the resources into Zotero to collecting butterflies was fun.  And if its not fun, why?  Hmm.  On first blush that sounds really hedonistic, or self centred, that if I’m not enjoying myslef there’s no point: but that’s not what I mean. I think having fun is a symptom of doing something worthwhile – something that is imbued with happy usefulness.  If I’m not having fun, then why?  Is it becasue whet I’m doing is poor quality and I know it?  Is it because I don’t understand its utility?

Ooh, Dave’s arrived.  Off to have fun!



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