A member of the trouser-clip wearing classes.

This morning was the first one in known history that I wore a trouser clip while riding my bike.  I noticed a small oil stain on them last night, and didn’t want that to happen again, so I grabbed one of the reflective snappy clips I have, and wore it in anger.

Most of the time I don’t bother: I tend to wear straight cut jeans and its not a problem.  These linen light chino things though, they flap around a bit.  Now this doesn’t sound particularly earth shattering, but I realized on the ride in that its part of my program to be a grown up.  I’ve done a few things in that vein recently.  New glasses: I could have bought wonderful tortoiseshell 1940’s specs, but I went for something innocuous.  I’ve stopped wearing an ear ring.  I’ve stopped myself from my habit of raising the stakes in conversations to the levels of absurdity that I have normally, just for a laugh.


This is not to be a new humourless Anton.  Trouser clips are sensible, and make my life easier.  I’m entering (hopefully, all going well) a new profession, so there is a small window of self-re-invention I can take advantage of.  Its not that I’m any less of a freak, its just confronting people with it is counterproductive.


So, trouser clips, sensible glasses, sleeping and eating well, and living a life of happy usefulness.  How can that be bad?

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