Plans – its That Time of Year.

I wake up most nights at about 3 or 4am.  Ostensibly to have a pee, but its just a rhythm I have – gearing up for a second lot of deep sleep.  During that awake period, which is probably only a quarter hour, if that, I can judge my general state of mental health.  if my mind is racing or I feel miserable, then chances are my lif is busy or difficult.  Last night was one where I was actually really very happy.  That’s because after a really long period of instability and actual physical pain things seem to be coming together.

By the end of 2012 I wan to have finsihed a Masters of Information Studies at Victoria and be applying for Assistant Librarian roles around NZ and Australia.  I’d love to stay in Dunedin, but it just may not work out like that – at least, not to begin with.
Lots of people are warning me about the the course.  its not very well thought of by its own students, but their concerns seem to based around the lack of direction they get.  The assignements seem to be practically based (create a plan to do X with a hypothetical library), using a business report structure they don’t feel comfortable with after doing (mostly) Arts and Science qualifications.  I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem with that.  Another complaint is about the standard of the teaching in the course.  Things I think look really interesting I’m told are made boring.  That’s a huge shame if its true…  We’ll see.  A third concern is the problem of a large reading and study load, and the fact it is unsurmountable.  I suppose I’ll just have to approach it strategically, and make readings prioritised on the assignments I choose to do.  That’s worked well for me in the past.  Also, I have quite a good skimming technique, espeically with dense technical material (and there is more of that than you’d give credit.)  If its true, its also a shame that when asked directly the course co-ordinator could give me no direction as to work I could do to prepare.

I’m applying to do one paper from November to the end of February on Digital Collections – I’m been allowed to replaces one of the more basic technical core library papers with it – so it will give me a taste of things to come.  I’m also applying for any appropriate library job that comes up.  I’ve been rejected for interviews for a couple now, and even though I know I’m not going to get anywhere near them yet, its still a bit of a letdown when I get the letter in the post (or the email, with our new HR system).

I did get a good showing for the Systems job I applied for at the Dunedin Public: I really enjoyed meeting the head Librarian and others there,, and though it would have been fun, I was severely outclassed by someone returning to Dunedin who had done the job previously.  My referees were very nice about me, apparently!

Right: off to get a certified copy of my passport for my application for Victoria.  I’m worried about what they will think about my academic transcript: its not the most sparkling record of success.  I know that is the past, and there is nothing I can do about it, so I have to let it go, but there is a certain amount of shame involved with some of it.  Anger as well, especially with the results about my dissertation last year.  Hopefully I can resolve that by using some of the research I did again for this course.  Maybe they will Get It.

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