The Plan. (well, so far…)

Confirmation that my current job working on the HelpDesk at the University of Otago came through a few weeks back. We had time to respond to the proposals management presented, and we did a magnificent job. Really, it was a fantastic team building exercise. Of course, management said, “ta”, ignored it, and we are back to square one. Morale in the team is now poor, as you can imagine.

So, I have a job till (probably) mid December. A redundancy payout would be about a year’s pay at my current reduced hours.

Maria and I have had long chats about What Is To Be Done, and she suggested I study for my Masters of Information Studies, and look for work as a Librarian. For a lot of reasons, and I’ll explore them later, this sounds like a thoroughly mad idea. Maria hated the course, books are redundant, Libraries are nasty hives of pointless bureaucratic make-work: these are some of the issues that first presented themselves. I rounded up a few people I trusted and had chats, or, as they call them in the trade, ‘information interviews’. I thought that these concerns (and others) were irrelevant, myths, or could be mitigated – and I was right. Maria didn’t like the course, but then, I’m not her, and I’m approaching it very differently. Libraries are really not so much about books, and the skills I have are (I am told) appropriate for helping them transitioning them to whatever it is they are going to become. The make-work issue I am still interested to look at, but I suspect money is too tight for them to be that terribly inefficient.

The MIS is a one year course, starting in February from Victoria in Wellington. I intend to do it extramurally – which creates some real concerns for me, which I want to investigate, and I’ll write about in the future. In the mean time, I’m excited about a potential new career, something I can do for the next 20 years, and make a real contribution in a field that suits my commitment to opening information out to the world.

Oh, and a brain update – the local neurologist thinks that my symptoms are not physical, which is great. My hallucinations are not cancer, or any other odd brain physiology. he hints that it may just me being a bit mad. I can handle that.

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