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I put a shout out to some friends that work in information management and libraries to gather some things to start thinking about before my course starts next February.  The first response I got was from one of the participants of my Zotero study who is deeply involved in digital collection management in the US.  Most of thse have proved to be really interesting over the last few weeks.

This list is going to be a bit more tilted to digital preservation, but that is just my bent.

My digital preservation group at the Library of Congress recently launched a blog, which I think has been doing some nice work.

The Code4lib conferences are really great. A good bit technical, but they also have a journal that routinely has some great stuff in it.

Ed Summers blog is quite good, he is very interested in linked data

These two are archivists, but we shouldn’t hold that against them :)

I generally keep museums in the mix, so you might be interested in

Dan is a digital humanities guy, but his blog posts often deal with scholarly communication

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