Started writing. Yikes.

Bad night last night: you know the type.  Waking up what felt like every hour, mind racing with all the things I had to do.  Alarm goes off at 6, and I’m already wide awake, terrified of the enormity of the day.  Then I had an idea.  Write it down.  Make a list.  See it in the Light.

The first thing turned into a report for a client, and in writing down the problem, and my recommended solutions, the whole thing went away.  Literally.  By 10 am the client had written back, praising the report, armed with the knowledge that the problem really was too big for me to deal with as an external consultant, and took it.  Wonderful.

Then I started working on my dissertation.  I pulled together 1,000 words of gibberish that helped crystallize my topic.  Enough, at least, to send off to my poor supervisor to wade through and we can talk when he is back in the country.  Gone.  Done.  Now its midday, and things are looking a damn sight brighter!  Next job: more reading.


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