After the quake: looking after each other, and ourselves.

I posted this to a work email list.  I think I did it to document what I was seeing around me.

Hi people,

As IT people we are all very good at tracking news and information.  I
recommend we fight that for a little bit right now.  I don’t know about you
but I find the stream of news coming out of the media relating to the
earthquake quite distressing, and having a video/twitter/news feed
constantly reminding us of the events isn’t really going to help anyone.
Its not disrespectful to turn it off, and get on with our lives.  Pop on
the concert programme and you’ll get the news every half hour…

Take some time to relax (though be careful of those substances you might

For those who have friends and loved ones missing, let your cow-orkers
know, and let them help.



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