Fat club update

Almost finished the 12 week intensive part of my restricted diet program. The good news: I’ve lost over 20 kg! The bad news: now I have to go back onto real food.

It’s not such bad news really, I’m pretty tired of the products I have been eating. I have been eating particularly spectacular salads, but I still have real cravings for kimchi, sausages, and black bean soup. Very soon I will be eating exactly that.

I’ve read a couple of books that I would not hesitate to recommend, one I was advised to read by my dietician, mindless eating by a guy called Brian Wansink at http://mindlesseating.org. His main thesis is that we eat more than we think we do. That we fool ourselves that we eat less than we do. This is why when people say you should just eat less calories they use and you think back to what you have eaten you can’t see how it adds up.

This book is entertaining as well as has a feeling that it is based on quantitative research. In fact after reading it I find him quoted in lots of other places. His work in particular on movie popcorn eating is cited as evidence that we eat mindlessly constantly. The advice I’ve taken is to move snacks out of the way and replace them with sugarfree chewing gum, so that’s the first thing that I go to when I’m looking for food.

The other book I would like to recommend visit New Zealand one by Doug Sellman, who is a professor at the psychological medicine faculty in Christchurch, called “Real Weight Loss” . As well as being bounded well within the discourse of addiction therapy, it is also personal account of how he himself decided to lose weight. A couple of the interesting things in this have been the 90 day period for dealing with addiction recovery, which ties in with the 12 week special dieting thing that I’ve been doing, as well as suggesting a sensible gradual and hopefully permanent weight loss regime that sounds very “do-able”.

After reading these I’ve been looking in bookshops at weight loss books, and realise that I’ve been very lucky to have found the ones above. What a bunch of nutters are out there suggesting all sorts of crazy stuff! I know the diet that I’ve been on (one of the many that Oprah has been on) has sounded mad but it really seems to have done the job. Time will tell, see if I am the same weight this time next year.

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