Fat club.

I’m a paid up member.  I’ve fluctuated between 100 to 125 kilos in the last 4 or 5 years, and I’m freaking fed up with it.  I’ve given up sugar, alcohol, and sometimes I’ve wondered if I should just give up food as well.  I’ve tried really hard to get more exercise (read the previous post about my attempts to get cycling…!)   I’m actually kinda desperate.  My insulin is up to 26 units of novorapid and 46 units of protophane a day, which is horrendous, and would fell a normal human being.  Its also why I find it hard to lose weight, insulin picks up all that spare blood sugar, and turns it into fat: after all, thats its job!

Against my intellectual best thinking (and its my best thinking that got me here in the first place, as they say) I’ve decided to do something kinda radical.  I’m going on a meal replacement programme recommended by the dietitians at the hospital.  My GP was surprisingly positive about the programme as well. I won’t mention its name, as its made by the evil bastards at Nestle, and that might help them sell more infant formula to people who need to be breast feeding.  Bastards.  Oh, I said that.

Its a programme with shakes and bars instead of meals.  I just had one of the shakes for breakfast to see what it was like, and I feel stuffed.  Actually like I ate too much stuffed, and I get to be able to eat a considerable amount of salads and fruit as well over the next three months.  Man, I should have had that thing slower.  >bloat<

I’m weighing in at 124kgs today, and a waist measurement of 127 centimeters.  If you silly enough to read this blog, then expect to see some reports on this.  For me, its massive.  Well, I’m massive, and that’s the point.

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