2010: Results.

I love the period between sitting exams and getting results.  Probably because my results have been so bad in the past (you should see my academic transcript for my undergrad. years – not pretty, not pretty at all).  This year was a bit of a return to those times.

I did alright in my standard Anthropology paper, the Anthropology of Evil.  Considering I had put about half the effort into the paper it really required for the exam, at least, a B+ is ok, and it helped the B+ average just fine.  I think the department decided I was a B+ student a long time back, and I have a suspicion that marks are actually pretty subjective.  I’m an older student, who, I’m assuming, they think is doing this for leisure rather than career.  I can see how that might work.  I concentrate on the things that are important to me: themes, ideas, synthesis, not dates and names which probably doesn’t look good in a final exam where, lets face it, ticks for facts are the main way of winning that game.

What I’m disappointed in is the dissertation – a C+.  That kinda stung.  No-one who has read it that I’ve talked to thinks that’s very fair, and there have been a few. I can only really take it that I didn’t approach the material from an “anthropological” enough point of view.   That, and I really offended (and I did) my supervisor by criticising him and his ability to supervise.  A combination of those, I suspect, lead to what could have been a crushing result. Back in the old days I would have taken it really badly, hidden and not talked about it.  Now, I appreciate the landscape in which it occurs, and accept it a bit more.  It still hurts, and I think its unfair, but the alternatives are raising a fuss that I don’t think would be constructive for anyone.

I’ve had lovely feedback about it from people at the Library of Congress, and I think there is at least one citation in the works – which is praise enough for me.  Also, the fact that this work will count towards nothing academically, as I’m swapping over to Peace and Conflict Studies, and that makes me a bit more sanguine about it.

This has been the worst year of my life.  I’ve been in hospital with a major illness, my Mother died as well as my Uncle, and then the fight at Toroa Radio and with my supervisor (who has remained nameless, I hope he realises… 😉 has really taken it out of me.  But that’s just life, and if I’ve learned anything over the last few years sober, its that life just is, and I have just have to deal with it.  In return I have a wonderful partner, I love my house, hate my job and love my cow-orkers, the cats give me joy, as does the view of the harbour on my way to work every day.  I’m about to embark on a serious personal project (more about that later) that I really am keen about to change some fundamental things about my life.

2011 may be better, but that’s for time to decide, not me to wish my life away.  Today I have work, a radio show to do, and cats to pamper. Its all OK.

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