Free/Libre Open Source Software, Liberalism, Conviviality and Private Property. An anthropological view of Zotero Advocates.

So, the day has finally come to submit my dissertation.    If you want to download it – Zotero FLOSS and Private Property – Anton Angelo.  I’m actually really quite happy about it, and I think there are some interesting things in there.  I’m deeply grateful that the Anthropology Department at Otago came to my rescue and I was able to get a supervisor change that suited everybody in the end.  Its a little ironic that this work will now never count towards any qualification, as I’m shifting away from Anthropology to Peace and Conflict Studies (of which there will be much more about later) and I can’t cross credit this.  I can with some other papers, just not this.  that’s not to say I have not learned a huge amount about the research process, and about how to manage the meta issues – supervisors being one important aspects.

I’ll make another post about some of my conclusions, but in the mean time you’ll just have to grab the dissertation.  I’m just relieved to get it in, and tomorrow I’m taking the day off.

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