Where’s the love, people?

Most of the bike blogs I read have mentioned electric bikes, and every time a coconut, the comments end up with people criticising them, in quite crude terms.  Is this some part of the bike culture I’m missing?  Commute by Bike have been the most recent I’ve seen suffer this.

Is it becasue biking is quite a solitary activity, so it attracts those who are not well socially adjusted?  My other life, in IT, understands that well – I love my semi-autistic cow-orkers.  Perhaps they are simply young, and a short and ascerbic (but never witty) comment is all they can manage.  Sure, electric bikes are fat bastard bikes, bikes for those who are unfit and most-un-bike-like.  People who don’t wear lycra, and maybe even want a pink spotted bag with flowers on it.  (Go Dottie!)

Actually, as I think about it, there is a faction of the biking community that get up my nose as well, so maybe its reciprocated.  The fitness facsists (the lycra cowboys) are thick and fast in Dunedin, but they are OK: they are on the way to the gym, in between pilates lessons.  The fixie crowd are punky enough to remind me of my old days – its sweet.  (As in cute, rather than ‘OK’, I’m attempting condescension).  No, the bikers that get me are the ‘Copenhaginize’ types.  You Shall Be Like Us, As We Are The Best.  Its weird, because Danes tend to be rather nice people in my experience, but the Copenhagen Advocates (and they are ‘advocates’ in the same way as the US ‘pacified’ Vietnam) do seem to be very hung up on fashion, and I find that rather shallow.  I do admire their bike lanes as well, but they are not the only ones: Portland/Bellingham/The Netherlands… there are other places that have good cycle infrastructure without the overwhelming arrogance…

I’ve come 180 degrees: decrying the haters, it seems I am one as well!  Go boys, loathe e-bikes, hate them to your very soul.  Anything that makes you happy.

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