Things are proving to be emotionally tricky right now – my mother died about six weeks back, and I’ve been going through the wringer.  It seems that the grief has left me with few ways of dealing with all the other things that life is throwing at me – normal, everyday stuff.   I’m not over-reacting to things in action: just in my head.

Something like my bike breaking down.  I took Betty (the bike) into the shop – talked calmly to Sarge and told him what my expectations were.  Sorted.  In my head I’m flashing cleavers, hacking people to bits for perceived wrongs that simply don’t exist.  It hard not to turn this whole thing into a big pity party, yet still recognize that I’m just brittle, and I have to take care.  This Too Shall Pass.

Its a beautiful day.  I have work to do.  What’s in front of me?  Do that. Be.

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