Bike culture

Its true. They don't

I’ve been reading a few bikeblogs recently, and I’ve been fascinated by the diversity of opinion and style.  In NZ there are sportsbikers and … well, in a country dominated by masculine competitiveness, that’s about it.  Or so I thought – now I’ve started to notice the everyday bike commuter, the student low-cost-efficiency vehicle and few like me, the middle-aged balding its this or heart surgery types.

I’ve been commenting on a few whenever the e-bike discussion comes up (are they real bikes at all?  is it all just laziness?) and feeling a tad guilty about mine.  Am I not a real cyclist?  I know its probably dumb, but it bothers me a tad.

I’ve got fit enough that I don’t need the motor for much other than the big hill, so I’m now resolving only to use the motor for the ride home.  In a few months I may even look at getting a bike to bugger about on that doesn’t have an engine 🙂

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