Update from NZ couriers

After not hearing anything about my complaint to NZ couriers for a while, I thought I’d drop  NZ couriers another line.


After my last email I recieved a very flustered an apologetic email
from Wayne, the Dunedin branch manager, saying he was sorry that the
email he sent to his contractor that cam close to killing me on my
bicycle “didn’t seem to be in his outbox”, that he had little control
over your contractors and that he would be “onto it”.

Since then I have heard absolutely nothing about the incident.

I have decided rather than make a complaint to the police that I shall
blog this exchange, and publicise it on local and international bike

All I’m looking for is an acknowlegement that the driver of the
vehicle has been cautioned, and it will be held on your records.

I wrote ’email’, but Wayne actually just phoned me.  Almost immediately, I get the following;

I understand Wayne has contacted you regarding this matter.  I trust this has been resolved.

To which I testily reply;

I don’t regard this matter as resolved, as I indicate below.  NZ
Couriers is obviously not able to take responsibility for its
operators, ones that have building sized ads  for them on their

So, what should I do?  Go on with the complaint, or just bitch about them here?

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