3 weeks later and Betty is still in the shop…

Betty has been at the shop for three weeks. After a rainy night ride (the first time I had taken her out in the rain) the next morning she just wouldn’t talk to me.  After a lot of back and forth conversations between Anthony (the Wisper importer) and daily conversations with Sarge (from Shoosh) we think the problem is in the controller box at the very bottom of the bike.  Sarge described it (I haven;t seen it yet) as “a little singed”.  We thought the problem may have lay in the battery, but just taking the fuses out turned into a major exercise as the fuse holders shattered as I tried to take them out: the heads of them dissolved like fudge leaving the fuses embedded in the case.  Sarge tried valiantly to resolve the situation (see image, left).

We really did exhaust both of our electrical skills: this is the problem with being an early adopter – no-one knows quite what the problem is.  Hopefully the new controller will arrive tomorrow, and she will be back on duty.

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