Its amazing what a little threating can do

A week or so back, I had the unhappy chore of sending the following email:


I’d like to lodge a complaint about the driver of a New Zealand Courier Truck driver.  I’m a bicyclist, and the driver of NZC 2 overtook me on Pine Hill Road in Dunedin at about 4:30pm today (Tuesday the 9th of March).  I’m very used to being overtaken by largevehicles on that road, but this one missed me by centimeters.   I’ve also been a motorcyclist for years, riding in London for 10 years, so
I’m not a nervous ninny about traffic!

The Road Code suggests a passing distance of 1.5 meters when overtaking bicycles [1], and to wait until the road affords that kind of distance, which in this case would have meant about 20 meters
further up the road.

Most large vehicles are very careful about passing cyclists these days(especially after the recent death of a tourist), and are excellent toshare the road with.  I’m disappointed in the actions of this driver.

Kind Regards,

Anton Angelo


Then, yesterday, this one:


I’ve waited for over a week now for a response to this, and since there hasn’t been one, I’m now preparing a complaint to the Police.

About 20 minutes after sending this one, I got a phone call from the Manager at the local depot.  Apparently my email had actually gone to head office, and the second one indicated he hadn’t actioned the first one.  He was very apologetic, and a little worried.  Apparently the driver is a contractor, and he needs to pass the information on to them.

Having him so worried first upset me a little.  I felt sorry for the guy, and I am pretty sure his excuse of having sent an email “that didn’t seem to be in his sent items” was pretty lame, but potentially believable.  I wait now to see what the next turn in the saga will be.

So far, what this has taught me is to take the numbers of vehicles I think are being unsafe, and complaining.  It can’t hurt.

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