Taking possession, and the purple wire.

So, a few weeks ago the Wisper City I had ordered turned up, and Sarge at shoosh spent an hour or so putting her together.

Sarge assembling Betty at Shoosh.

Here’s a shot of him and his offsider mounting the rear rack. They had only put one together before, so there were a few things I had to learn about her.  The Sport SE he had in the shop wasn’t restricted to being a pedelec (only helping out while you peddled, working more like a moped and movin with using the throttle on its own.  Apparently being restricted like that is a European regulation.  It took a few visits to the forums to find the location of the infamous Purple Wire – its underneath the bike, below the battery.  I had been poking around fruitlessly in the front controller box: a junction box in front of the handlebars.

Now, there's the purple wire!

There is a little clip thing that unhooked easily enough, and hey presto: the most underpowered motorcycle in the world :)  I’m in two minds about it -  its kinda nice to be able to pull away from the lights with it helping as well as getting up on the seat, and its very nice to help you if you’re pushing it up a hill, but it really doesn;t add much else to the experience.  I’m thinking I might install a switch to turn it off somewhere discreet.  The earlier versions of the bike had a ‘green button’ on the handlebars to do exactly that.  With all the handlebar-candy I’ve popped on though, its going to be hard to find a spot for it.  Once the bottom cover was replaced I became a bit disturbed by the rather open entrances to the electrics under the bike, so, in keeping with every other thing I own, I gaffered it.

Sealing Betty's bottom.

Not the prettiest job, and I’ll have to get some black gaffer at some point, but it feels a bit better.  I’m honestly quite surprised at how open to the elements it was.

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