Over hte years I’ve built up a lot of newsletter subscriptions.  Some I signed up for  inadvertantly when getting a bit of software, some I thought I’d be interested in at the time.   They come in, I pop a filter in for them, then I change email client. Then I create a new filter.  Its become really tedious.  Recently I’ve decided to actually take the time of going to the bottom of the newsletter and hitting the unsubscribe link: and you know, it works!  Virtually all the newsletters use a magic unsubscribe system, and hey presto, I seem to be off the list!

I was really cynical about this at first, but it really seems to be working.  A few sites have made me jump through a few ‘are you sure’ hoops, but the vast majority have politely and efficiently let me away.  I highly recommend it as a new year’s resolution, its really very satisfying.

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