The Internet Research Group at Otago is having an un-conference, and they invited me.  Well, less invited, more just turned up – but they are being nice to me, and even letting me witter on. Most of the people there get the ‘net in a way I really haven’t sen since I left the UK, and warm fold of the digerati.  They see the lovely warm mass of contradictory gubbins of rehashed, yet brand new, exciting yet oddly dull wonderful awful thing that it is, and they seem to love it for the same reasons.  Sure, they say, only 20% can actually access it, and when they can 98% is pointless crap, but, ain’t it grand.

So, lots of nice chats and social interaction, so I’m not even too pissed off about the B+ I got for ANTH423.  B+ will do.