Dropbox – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.

I work on at least 4 different computers regularly, and then a few others on occasion.  Dropbox is a cheap (as in free for under 2Gb of storage) web accessible spot to store stuff.   It creates a directory on each of the computers it is installed on, and when you change that directory on one of your sync’d machines, it automatically updates the others.  I have a text file I have in there with all the things I need to check at the library – when I get there I can check those books by looking at the file on my iPod touch.

Dropbox – Home – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy..

I use scrivener for my dissertation, and warnings about possible problems with syncing scrivener packages means I copy the dissertation to a folder on the local machine, work on it, back it up to the local machine (scrivener has zipped backups) and then move it back to the dropbox folder when I’m done.

Other than that dropbox seems to work pretty flawlessly.