Garden Journal…

This seems as good a place as any to write up what I’m doing in the garden so I can keep track of it.

A few weeks ago I planted out a couple of apple trees – peasgood nonsuch on a normal sized graft out the back (cutting out the old bottlebrush to do it) and mulched around it with pea straw.  Same went for another tree, the variety escapes me right now, but I’ll write back about it.  Today I threw a few teaspoons of nitrophoska around them, and if it doesn’t rain in the next few days I’ll give them a water – the soil is really really damp at the moment.

I dug up a green compost of mustard (yum – tasty job) on the first raised bed.  I should give it a name – being the most easterly, I dub it “The East Bed”.  Today I popped in a whole bunch of “whippa snappa” (yech) mange tout peas, and runner beans around the base of a 4 sided tepee of bamboo poles.  The packet says we should be eating peas in a couple of months.  Well, lets see.

I put a ground cover of NZ Spinach after soaking the seeds overnight under the tepee (thanks wikipedia!) and couple of rows of spring onions on the south and west sides of the bed.  I know M. ain’t such a big fan, but I do like spring onions.

I manured the East Bed, and the other small one.  Y’know, I think I’ll call it “West Bed”.  I think we might just load that with carrots, but I’ll let M. decide when she gets home.  Its the new bed (That’s a better name, I change it by deed poll to Newbed, joined together in English style).  I made it from earth that was standing where the Other Apple was.  I still have a bit of that left.  I might rip up the strawberries (they are pretty done for this year I reckon anyway) and make a new strawberry bed with the fresh earth.

I popped some Nitrophoska around the Kowhai at the front of the property as well – from the sad thing it was a few years back,it looks quite promising now.

Raspberries got some NPK too, and the sad sticks are just showing some new growth.  We should be fat on them in a few months.

I used some old water based fertiliser to give a kick to what can only be described as “the big bed”, in between the west and new beds.  Maybe I needed to feed everything there a bit more, because my winter veges are only just looking perky – some cabbages, silverbeet, broccoli…  some of the year before’s garlic is popping up too, and I’m pulling that up and eating it.  Burp.

I sprayed sme nitrophoska around some of the herbs (man, that fennel is doing OK!) (And the Parsley is looking as sad as all the Parsley I’ve ever grown 🙁

Hopefully I’ll get some time to poop on the rhubarb out the back.  Its a bit hidden, and there is a bay tree out there too I have to have a look at.  I bet its overgrown to buggery.