Kick it over. It just needs a push.

Keep Consuming, or Else!
Keep Consuming, or Else!

Every fire needs a spark.  The images of change starting by small actions, small vigorous actions, are legions.  The latest campaign, kick it over is exactly one of these. Adbusters has always supported active and visible protest against consumer capitalism – the black dot campaign was one of my favourites – but they seem to have gone the next step and seen the fruit of the current economic climate being the raised consciousness of youth.  Hell, they do have it hard!  A young colleague of mine asked o facebook what the economic reforms of the late 80’s were like for those who were there.  A lot like now, I replied.  You’ll find it hard to get anything but a mcJob, if you find anything at all!

The great thing about the current youth, ad the advantage they have over my generation is they know how to organise themselves.  We were pretty angry, but still communicated like our parents did – newspapers, leaflets, meetings.  These buggers pop something up on facebook, and its done. Maybe all those dreams I had about the net being a place to organise and inform are coming true, and its being paid for by the corporations as part of their own end. How very Marxian.

I’m rambing. I’ll blame it on the aporkalypse

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