Phil Goff, Werewolf, Next NZ Prime Minister? is a spin off from the excellent, if hard to navigate,  It’s really based around one of NZ’s finest reporters, Gordon Campbell – someone I’ve held in respect for a long time.  A long interview with the current NZ leader of the opposition, Phil Goff, makes up for the lack of any detailed feature reporting with any real depth in any other NZ publication.  Th Listener used to do this but no longer…

Goff is an interesting beast: from student polly, to Rogernome, to middle left supporter of opportunity it seems like a varied career, but he comes over as genuine, smart, and principled.  Unlike the current Prime Minister, Key, who comes over as shallow, smarmy and opportunistic.  Werewolf is in its second edition (its monthly, on the full moon 🙂 and well worth the time you used to spend on the Listener.

tache tastic!

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