Eugenics – a new wave

I’m writing a book review as an assignment for clas on Nikola Rose’s “The Politics of Life Itself”. It talks about the politics and ethics of new biomedical technology, and of course our friend Eugenics raises her ugly head. Biologists have been really careful to distance themselves from eugenics, and just as well. However, I can see a new wave of it coming, as employers force people to get treatments that are entirely related to their work productivity.  Its gonna be hard to tell until job specifications read that unless you have xyz genetic makeup, or are willing to under go a specific proceedure, you are not capable of doing a job. Artificial lungs for those working in a polluted environement is probably an extreme example, but sensitivity to specific substances would well be tested for, and rather than make the work environment safe, they only hire people who test negative to a test.

This would happen globally too: which makes it different to the nationalist eugenics of the last century.


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