Nutters, busses and tickets

I just saw the following story on the website, and found it just too delicious not to steal.

TICKETS – “Shouting from the front of the bus,
disturbs my iPod listening. A mid-20s girl sat
next to a young black man was shouting typical
(for this part of Europe at least) fairly racist
remarks: enquiring whether he could in fact
fornicate with himself and requesting that he
does indeed ‘go back to the jungle.’ This poor
man was sitting there, not making a sound, looking
straight ahead and not reacting. Meanwhile the
inspector gets on and starts asking for tickets.
People hold them out, ready to show that all is
paid and proper, whereupon the young black
gentleman snatches the shouty lady’s ticket from
her hand, eats it, and then carries on staring
straight ahead. She went mental. What’s more,
explaining to the inspector that her ticket had
been eaten just got her thrown of the bus for
being a nutter…”

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