Spuds. Part One.

Sprouters, Day 1
Sprouters, Day 1

Anton’s adventure in potatoes starts here.  I bought 4 lovely looking seed potatoes on the windowsill, and I’m looking forward to some sproutage.  (technically called ‘chits’).

I’ve got a some green buckets made from some heavy duty fabric (2 for $10) to grow them in once they get going.  I’m thinking of using the compost from the back of my property that has built up over the last 50 years.  It should be about ready.

I bought Jersey Bennes, a pretty common breed here in Godzone, but a bit of a google shows me they seem to be a bit rarer anywhere else.  I got them as they are very early, and I want nice new spuds to server with a bit of pesto (I’ll put some basil in the greenhouse in a month or so).  I take it the name comes from the channel islands, and is a bit of manglicised.  (Benne -> Bon)?

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